Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going.

Not long ago I put together a list of all the places I’ve been in China. After filling an A4 page, it seems that it’s better to describe the places that I’ve not yet visited, so here is a map and a list-

Red areas are not yet visited, blue ones have been conquered already.

Shanxi Province








Inner Mongolia


China is made up of 33 divisions or areas. This includes 22 provinces. The others are 4 large cities,  five autonomous regions (province sized areas and)  then there are Hong Kong and Macau, old foreign territories and now classed as ‘Special Administrative Regions’.

So, I figured I’d visited 23 of the 33 parts of China… Why not try to see all of them?

Out of the 22 Provinces ( so big they each are the size of European countries with similar populations) I have 5 left to see.

Out of the different classed autonomous regions (mostly these are full of people who are ethnically not Han Chinese) I had only The vast and sparsely populated Qinghai province up on the Tibetan Plateau, The small, mystical Province of Ningxia wedged up in the North and centre of China, which is largely filled with Hui Muslims, and Inner Mongolia, a place of ethnic Mongolians, rolling grasslands and horse milk liquor.

The three North Eastern provinces called “Dong Bei” in Chinese are also still unconquered. These Butt up against Russia to the North and North Korea to the South East.

The trickiest of these areas is Tibet as it requires that foreigners join a tour group to visit and obtain a permit to enter.

This is my mission… To visit all of these areas in one trip.

Should be exciting.

Afterwards, I’ll have been to every province and region in China. No mean feat, given that China is roughly the size of The U.S.A.

Back in Britain, I used to work in the travel industry. I worked for a time for the U.K.’s biggest Tour Operator in their long-haul division. My job involved sending people away to far-flung places like Africa, South America and Asia. When it came to China, most of our customers would do a three centre trip Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. I think there’s more to China than that.

I lived in a smaller city in a lesser developed Province for three years before…These smaller places are more relaxed and I think visiting these small places helps you see the “real China”, which is a must to understand the place..the struggles this massive country faces in it’s road to industrial development and seeing the way the normal people of China live.