Day 6- Down the coast to Jiangsu. Northern Jiangsu and Lianyungang.

An early start

I set off early at sunrise and was ecstatic when I hit the road again, as I’d worried that there was something wrong with the bike’s transmission or that grass had gotten into the moving chain. Nothing was wrong and an early start sent me down a straight road, still heading south into Northern Jiangsu. I swore at some points that this area could be mistaken for England- it was very pastoral in parts, with lots of greenery. It was, however, punctuated by dusty filthy towns and a profusion of power plants with their huge stacks towering above the road. I was filming one of these entering a town when I saw that the town had a huge, ornate gate over the main road, travelling up this, I saw what looked like an ancient tower on the left and then at the end of the road, a big gate and ancient city wall. Now, this was more like China. The city of Lianyungang (连云港) in northern Jiangsu.

I had a hearty breakfast of noodles and the lady who ran the noodle shop, who seemed to have lived everywhere in China before and was Manchurian, from the Northeast of China, told me the city had 2000 years of history. Nice place and more so because, when looking for a hotel to get some shut-eye, a store owner at a market offered me a reclining seat under the shade. I slept for about an hour and a half there then pressed on. the rest of that day was just road and stayed at the rather uninspiring town on Yancheng in Jiangsu.. actually the outskirts…where I had a shower and a shave at a bathhouse with like a small heated swimming pool at 31 degrees.

LianYunGang, Jiangsu Province.

To get a full impression of Lianyungang, You can see it on my video of the trip at