Day 5- Leaving Qingdao, heading South.

Left the hotel at about ten thirty- a really late start for me. headed towards the tunnel that connects the peninsula with the southern part of Shandong. Asked directions and found that the tunnel didn’t allow motorbikes, so elected for the passenger ferry, not before a zip up the seafront to record the building, again nice leafy avenues and colonial buildings but strong heat from the sun.

Bike on the ferry leaving Qingdao.

The ferry was something like 35 yuan and after getting off. There was a lovely quiet nature reserve including mountains at 大株山 (DaZhuShan- big pearl mountain)- very
few people. Along this road, there was the smell of the sea. After this, I just headed south with a quick stop for a dumpling lunch.

Da zhu Shan


When darkness came, I was filling up with a petrol and, as I’d decided to camp out that night, I looked for a natural spot to sleep.. I crossed a bridge and saw that the river had plenty of greenery and trees on the banks, so I took the path up the side of the river, past a small house and an orchard and then the path became single track and went through thick grass. The bike kinda conked out and I took this as the place to stop. I laid my ground sheet down and put the sleeping bag on top. Had a beer and boazi (steamed bun) that I’d bought earlier and tried to get some sleep. Got about four hours sleep and was up at day break. The ground sheet and sleeping bag were both pretty damp and miraculously I had no muzzy bites, although the place was swarming with them.

Rudimentary camping.